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Who am I?

Hello, my name is Viola and I am the creator of the project-ceramics workshops which current name is Viola Ceramics Studio.

Due to the fact that I get more and more question about what I do, how my products are created etc. and thanks to Joanne Hawker, who is an originator the Instagram challenge #marchmeettthemaker now I know that I should write much more ;). Furthermore, I love to teach but since more than a year I don’t have a possibility to do it – so let my blog be a place where (as the slogan on my main page suggests) I am going to tell you a history about ceramics and designing :).

Here I am 😉

I am going to write for you in two languages. Well, to be specific I am going to write in my native language and these texts you might read on Polish version website and time to time on the regał blog. The English translation will be prepared by Gracjan, with whom I am working with since the site was created – thank you Gracjan! I am so sorry but I a barely have enough time to write in only one language. Thus I am planning to spend at least one day per week or one hour per day on this. I am going to do everything I can to make texts appear regularly :).

Let’s start then 🙂

Who am I?

I have a master thesis in the art with pedagogy. I was able to master defence in 2010 on The Faculty of Art name Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, in the graphics techniques workshop.

I am a designer with specialization in the applied ceramics with many years of practice within technology and production. Especially the one based on various plaster forms. Furthermore, I am a teacher. I love to teach and share my knowledge. For many years on each Friday, I was conducting workshops in my studio in Warsaw. Furthermore, for 4 years I was a teacher in Warsaw Private School of Ceramics. I was teaching future adepts of applied ceramics designs and founding. I miss this very much. However, I know that sooner or later I am going to come back to this. Until then, I am going to treat my blog similar to workshops 😉

Anyway coming back to the topic 😉

My road as well as yours roads or many of designers was twisted and complicated 🙂

I was born in 1982 in the city called BrzegPoland.

To be honest my first creative memory from my childhood is this:

– German fat shopping catalogues bring my father. Then together with my two years younger sister are reading them dozens of times, playing a game we called ” I order”. During the play, we were making the first selection and analysis of products available in the market.

– Elementary school and the fairy tale “Karolcia” read to us by our form mistress during lessons, while I together with my friends were drawing dolls on paper sheets. I remember drawing clothes or baby’s sleeping bag;). We were cutting them out and we had so much fun;).  All of them were living in the envelope ;).

– Obviously, I was the first candidate to do all visual arts activities such as art activity club, school newspaper, gosh. From my early years in nursery school, I remember trails in my notebook – which I had to reproduce on the whole site – I loved this. Even though my mom was correcting me 😉

Poznan International Fair  – house and interior! Well, it was when I was already a teenager. My parents were planning to build a house. I loved to travel with them and watch different houses (If I recall correctly we were in Stuttgart, where a display of house projects was presented. It was amazing to me that first, you can see the project, the layout of the house and then you can go inside, touch it, feel like home).

Unfortunately, I have good but short memory. Due to the huge amount of data and knowledge, I gain every day… so this is where my memories end. I am far more than certain though, that if I would think about it for a while, then I would be able to find a few more memories hidden deep in my memory. Though I don’t want to bore you.

– my last memories from ends of the primary schools are technical classes known as ZPT (plastic and technical activities) and art classes – I loved both of them.

I also remember that near the finish of my primary school, my art teacher said that she sees me in the school of art in my future… The only high school in my city which could be compared to art school was  High School of Architectural Monuments Renovation.

Thus I decided to try to apply to the school. Unfortunately, my parents were not happy with my decision. According to them, I should try to take exams on Technical School of Economics … boring.

And you know what? – I did it 😉

I was able to pass drawing exams and after 4 years I become a graduate of this high school. Not only it was able to give me a profession (as it turned out, a profession which started to disappear after a few years), and technological knowledge, knowledge about building materials, history of arts, and architecture and many others.

I was able to finish the high school with the professional title – bricklayer plasterer  😉

Hence after I finished the high school I decided to fill the application on two study fields:

– Architecture in Wroclaw University of Science and Technology,

– Interior Design and Designing in Academy of Art in Wroclaw.

I am from the year 1982 which in Poland was a year of population boom so in University of Science and Technology were 15 people per one place while on Academy of Art 30 people (if I recall correctly)…thus it was rather only a big dream;)

Hence, if I was not able to get to the school I wanted to, I decided not to sit idly but to take things into my own hands. I moved to Wroclaw, signed on architectural drawing preparatory course (I decided to apply and focus only on exams in the University of Science). At the same time, I was working because I left my parents and wanted to be independent ;).

Unfortunately, the second attempt was also a failure. Then I decided to apply to the annual school of interior designs in Wroclaw which I finished with another diploma for my portfolio – visual artist and interiors designer.

Third time is a charm, isn’t it? Thus, with my third attempt, I was able to finally made it on the architecture faculty in the University of Science and Technology ;).

After the rather weak academic year and after a small disappointment I decided to “take dean’s leave” and I moved to Warsaw. It was if 2005 I think…and I stayed here for next 12 years. Until December of 2017 when I decided to move to Bristol 😉

23 September 2018
100% Design show in London

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