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Sample (one tile) green effect glossy glaze. Ginkgo biloba -shaped ceramic fully handmade



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Ginkgo biloba leaves.

Did you ever hear about Ginkgo Biloba tree? If yes probably the first thought in your mind was an unusual shape of the leaf. Am I right?
Now imagine you in the woods, a lot of green colour surrounds you. Light wind is moving small branches. You fell only pure relax…
Isn’t it a pleasure to be in such a nice place?

This time we would like to present you Ginkgo Biloba tiles which replicate this unique shape of the leaf. Covered with deep green glaze. To highlight this nature touch, the glaze is applied with a soft brush which makes ever tile unique from each other.
Feel a touch of nature in your interior.

These tiles can be used in the bathroom or kitchen as special features among plain tiles or as a splashback.


Sample (one tile) – Ginkgo Biloba – ceramic tiles – fully handmade – green effect glossy glaze.

Price is for one tile.

Size of ONE tile is:
– the length of 4.29” = 10,9 cm,
– a width of 5.51 ” = 14 cm,
– thickness 0,23” = 6 mm.

Colour – green effect glossy glaze.

In 1 m² are 121 tiles.

All our tiles are individual pieces.

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If you are looking for a different colour check in my shop. If you don’t find colour with interest you – let me know, please I’ll try to help you (in my offer is more colour glaze).

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green effect glossy glaze