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CORAL SERIES – fruit’s decorative bowl – WHITE GLOSSY GLAZE + blue and black splashes.



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CORAL SERIES – fruit’s decorative bowl, handmade, ceramic with WHITE GLOSSY GLAZE + blue and black splashes.

Nice piece of ceramic-like fruit’s bowl is a perfect gift on every special occasion. It’s also a small piece of art and you can regard them as a sculpture.
I make them my self in my ceramic studio with care for every small detail.

The inspiration for this series was the sea world – corals. The very first pieces in this series were created in 2010.
The Coral bowl as the main example from Coral series was shown in art/design exhibitions in Barcelona, Lisbon and Sophia.

Just now the coral bowl is usually made only for specials orders but I made few of them this year when I had this creative mood and time to did that 😉

The bowl can be used to keep/display fruit. It’s made of high-quality white clay.
Covered with white shiny glaze + blue and black splashes. – intended for use with food.

– diameter on the top around 33 cm,
– hight to the edge of the highest point 15 cm,
– hight in the lowest point around 9 cm.

In my manufacture, all the ceramic products are fully handmade with attention to every detail. My goal is to create patterns which will unite my three passions – ceramics, graphics, and design.

I go with the times guided by the spirit of the past.

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