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Every cloud has a silver lining ;) part 2


After three weeks boys started to build my own studio:)



Which I was able to paint before I moved in.






Then I was waiting to get electricity for my new, super, extra ROHDE kiln 🙂 and proper connection of water. Still, I could already start to fulfil the orders in my new studio 🙂





Due to the fact that this studio is more than half smaller than the one I had in Warsaw (only here I could be had an access to water) and taking into consideration the fact that in Warsaw, not counting my studio there was also Pawel workshop, we had  to think how to place his equipment in order to fill with everything on the area smaller by 75% than the last one. Furthermore, it was supposed to work …

…. to be continued 🙂

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5 September 2017
Every cloud has a silver lining ;)
20 September 2017
Every cloud has a silver lining ;) part 3

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