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Viola Ceramics Studio is a ceramic design studio and small manufacture based in Yatton / Bristol, United Kingdom.

Is a studio that arose from the passion of two people who value beauty and functionality.

Viola is the creative driving force, combining a fine art background with 15 years’ experience as a professional ceramicist. She runs the studio, designing all of its pieces and constantly experimenting with new techniques.

Paweł has a background in engineering and production and ensures that quality and consistency are maintained over even the largest orders.

Viola Ceramics Studio is built around a simple ethos: to create objects which are both beautiful and useful – that a fruit bowl, a lamp base or even a humble doorknob can be a small piece of art which everyone can own.

The first studio was opened in Warsaw in 2010, the original brand name was the Inzynieria Designu. From December 2016 we based in beautiful Bristol and now we are in a lovely village near Bristol where we moved to enjoy a slower life and bigger space 😉


We believe in making the everyday beautiful: that’s why we apply the same care to our core range as we do to special orders and our newer projects.

 Core range

  • handmade ceramic tiles, including our signature fish scale tiles,
  • ceramic handles: we designed these as furniture handles, but customers use them as coat hooks and as decorative ends for curtain rods,
  • bespoke design.