Viola Ceramics Studio is a studio and manufacture based in Bristol, United Kingdom. The main aim of the studio is designing and producing ceramic elements for interior decoration.
What I offer to you are, ceramic handles and tiles. I am also willing to accept any challenges and apart from the basic offer. I am more than ready to collaborate with designers and architects and work on individual requests.

The idea of creating the ceramics studio appeared in my mind in 2007 in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. The workshop was opened in 2010 and finally the company was founded in June 2011 :) Viola Orzechowska and Pawel Wisniewski – a designer and engineer who shared a common passion for beauty and functionality are the originators and founders of the project. The original brand name was the Inzynieria Designu.
Our rich offer includes a few series of tableware: depicting animals, using lace napkins’ motifs and others, decorated and hand-crafted with a mixed media technique developed by Viola Orzechowska.

Pendant lights which combine my love for vintage and folk objects constitute a big part of the company’s production line. They are presented in the series of “From love to vintage” and “Loft and folk” lamps, assembled from ceramic elements handmade in the studio and braided cables in various colors.



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About me

Hello, my name is Viola and I am a ceramic designer at Viola Ceramics Studio. I can say, that I love clay and my job. It is my passion, hobby and actually, very important part of my life :).  In 2010 I was able to defend my diploma with the title of Master of Arts. Thank you for watching me and my work and for trust to my skills.


Viola Ceramics Studio
Freestone Road / Freestone Studios
BS2 0QN Bristol
United Kingdom