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A ceramic pattern is like a tattoo design – designed for individual needs.

Currently, in the studio’s offer you can find:

– ceramic handles – which can act as hangers fastened to the wall or wooden panels and decorative ends of curtain rods;

– completely handmade ceramic tiles, especially the top product “fish scale tiles”

– additionally, we realize individual orders in the field of ceramics.

New mosaics are made for individual orders as a novelty. We have invited Ghis Melou, a well-known and respected tattoo artist, who will make a mosaic design for you, which Viola will “reproduce” – interpret in the clay. Mosaics will be made, as well as all products from our offer – from the highest quality materials, however, to the offer of mosaics we add the possibility of making them from high-melting clay/stoneware and porcelain. Each design, just like a tattoo, can be designed for your individual needs, which means that only you will be in possession of this unique ceramic piece decorating your interior.



Koi fish mosaic size – around 210 cm x 70 cm.


If you have other, own idea of a mosaic it’s simply – send us an email with its outline, and Viola will prepare the project and present all the details.

23 September 2018
100% Design show in London

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